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3715 Inner Perimeter Rd Valdosta, GA 31602 (229) 242-7325
3715 Inner Perimeter Rd, Valdosta, GA 31602
Sales: (229) 242-7325 | Service: (229) 242-7325 | Parts: (229) 242-7325

Valdosta Nissan has all the Nissan models in every trim. You can come in anytime to take your pick because we always keep the latest, greatest vehicles for buyers who love to stay in touch with the new vehicles on the market. Every year Nissan is offering a new vehicle with better features than before. Some have new updates to aid the drivers, but others are taken out of the lineup. Therefore, we can't keep certain cars on our lot for too long to make room for the new ones.

We know you are a busy person, so when you get the time, come to Valdosta Nissan to check out the exclusive selection of vehicles that we have in our showroom. We have a lot of them, so we understand that it would take time to find the right one. You might take a few minutes because your eyes locked on to something that you like, a few hours because you might prefer to walk around a bit and explore, or even a few days because you may want to test drive a couple of vehicles. We understand this, so do not worry because we're here to serve you!

You can start your car-searching journey at the Valdosta Nissan website and have a live chat with one of our agents to get familiar with the process. If you got bad credit, no problem, we have new cars and used cars for you!

Benefits of Buying New Cars

Let's be honest, new cars and used cars both have their advantages and disadvantages. But it seem like new cars have more advantages. First, you would get a warranty for at least a couple of years. So, if anything goes wrong with the vehicle you can bring it to our shop anytime or any Nissan dealership and get the tune up or repair.

Generally, any maintenance services would be at a minimum because new vehicles don't have as many problems as the older ones. Secondhand models need a lot of maintenance and repair services in the long run because you never know if the previous owner properly took care of the vehicle. There might be a couple of quirks that you do not know about and need to work around. When buying a new car, you are the first owner, so when you decide to sell the vehicle you will get the best profits.

Some other benefits of buying a new vehicle are the updated features. Not only are the technology features updated, but the safety and entertainment features get upgraded. For example, this year’s models allow you to connect your phone to the car and the apps show on the navigation screen. Welcome to the future!

Some new vehicles come with complimentary AAA and Onstar services for free, for at least a couple of months and sometimes a couple of years. Sometimes you would not need to pay any extra money for these subscriptions with a new car.

Quality New Cars

One thing for certain is that new cars have the best quality. We have plenty of them here at Valdosta Nissan in Valdosta, Georgia. Visit us today. All of our vehicles, including the new ones, got checked out by certified technician to make sure there are not any quirks with the vehicle.

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We are excited about helping you find the new Nissan that fits your lifestyle. Nissan builds great fuel-efficient vehicles that are loaded with features at working man's wage prices. If you have a job or you're in school, Nissan's are the ideal investment to help you launch or progress your career. When you are ready to experience the Nissan advantage, simply give us a call, or stop by our dealership for a test-drive.

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